The "Eachtra" show

Multimedialny spektakl pełen muzyki i tańca

Multimedia show full of dance and music. By melding elements of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Breton cultures it enchants the audience and tempts them to embark on a journey together with the artists (in Irish Gaelic eachtra/pronunciation: achtra/ means adventure or voyage).

Graceful soft choreographies and energetic Irish step dance are set off by Celtic landscapes. The sounds of violin, accordion, saxophone, guitar and drums are entwined with the melody of the recited poems, which are rooted in the Gaelic tradition.

Eachtra: Eachtra is an unforgettable adventure, a lesson of history and geography given by means of word, music, image and movement. It is a journey in time and space which we want to share with the audience of theaters, cultural centres, and outdoors festivals.

  • 100 minutes
  • 2. parts: 55 and 45 minutes plus 20 minutes break

The Eachtra show was hosted inter alia by: Teatr Rampa in Warsaw, Sinfonia Baltica in Słupsk, Teatr Variete Muza in Koszalin, Teatr Lalek Pleciuga in Szczecin, Centrum Kultury Muza in Lubin, Teatr Muzyczny in Lublin, Miejski ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki in Bielawa.




Traditional Celtic tunes along with more modern compositions of the JRM Celtic band (Jig&Reel Music).


Soft and hard shoe choreographies performed by the Irish dance group Ellorien.


A slideshow of images from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany.


Irish, Scottish and Welsh poems and prose together with texts written by the director of the show, all presented in Celtic languages and in translation.

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