Our repertoire includes: traditional Irish soft shoe solo dances, which allow more freedom of artistic interpretation and which we combine with elements of classical ballet; breathtaking Irish step dance, which never fails to impress the audience; and traditional ceili dances. We take care to emphasize unique character of our choreographies by costumes and careful choice of music.

We offer performances with live music played by an Irish music band. We cooperate with JRM Celtic music band in a multimedia show Eachtra (2 x 45 minutes).


We organize ceili parties, during which we teach basic Irish dance steps and simple group dances. If required, ceili party may include contest and short talks centered around traditional Irish dance.


We run dance lessons on two levels – beginners and intermediate. We offer classes for children.


We perform at the wedding receptions, not only at the Polish-Irish weddings. Guests are enthusiastic about our shows and are most welcome to have fun with us dancing.



  • Flat, even and not slippery surface (by reason of the dancers’ safety we may not accept concrete, stones or grass); in case of outdoors events we require the scene to be protected against rain; foldbacks and other stage equipment should not obscure the dancers
  • CD player or other equipment enabling us to play back our backing music ; sounding equipment for step dance
  • Dressing-room with a mirror, near the stage

The price depends on the number of dancers and duration of the show.

The "EACHTRA" Show

Multimedia show full of dance and music. By melding elements of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Breton cultures it enchants the audience and tempts them to embark on a journey together with the artists.

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